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Transform your space with brand new hardwood floors! Looking for top-notch hardwood flooring installation in Matsu, Alaska? Look no further than Matsu Painters. With a few years of revel, we are your trusted hardwood floors contractor, focusing on numerous timber ground setup strategies. Enhance your house’s aesthetics and feel with the timeless splendor of hardwood floors.

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Why Choose Matsu Painters for Your Hardwood Flooring Needs?

Local Expertise

  • Serving Eagleriver, Alaska, we understand the unique challenges of your area.
  • Our deep local expertise allows us to provide tailored hardwood flooring solutions that precisely meet your needs.

24/7 Customer Support

  • We trust in being there when you need us the most.
  • Offering 24/7 customer support, we are committed to ensuring you are never left inside the dark, whether or not you’ve got questions or come across trouble with your hardwood floors.

Experienced Flooring Professionals

  • Our team of highly skilled flooring experts brings years of experience to every project.
  • They are fully certified and trained to offer a wide range of hardwood flooring offerings, from installations to troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Upholding the highest standards of safety and quality is our constant goal.

Dedicated to Excellence, From Start to Finish

At Matsu Painters, our dedication to excellence runs deep in everything we do. We take as truth the pursuit of perfection and advise that in every step of our hardwood flooring services. From the first conversation to the final brushstroke, we deliver unwavering attention to detail with every project and promise to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Experience That Makes a Difference

Experience is the foundation of our competence; it is not simply a term. With years of palms-on experience in the hardwood flooring industry, we have delicate abilities and knowledge to carry you the high-quality possible solutions and services. When you choose Matsu Painters, you’re not just choosing a company – you’re choosing a partner you can trust to transform your space with confidence and precision.

Flooring Installation Services

Our Expert Installation Services Process:

Step 1: Flooring Delivery and Acclimation

Once you’ve selected your hardwood floor, we arrange for its delivery to your home. Before installation, the wood undergoes acclimation to adapt to your room’s environment, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Step 2: Moisture Level Monitoring

To guarantee optimal acclimatization, we continuously check the moisture content of the hardwood flooring. Installing it prematurely can lead to future issues with your wood floors.

Step 3: Removal and Sub-Floor Preparation

If you have existing floor coverings like laminate, carpet, tile, or vinyl, we can remove them for you. We inspect and prepare the subfloor, ensuring it’s flat and ready for installation.

Step 4: Sub-Floor Primer Applied

For certain installations, like glue-down hardwood flooring on concrete, we apply specialized primers and underlayment as needed to ensure proper adhesion.

Step 5: Floor Measurement and Racking

We meticulously measure and arrange the hardwood boards to ensure even spacing in all your rooms. Ugly or defective boards are discarded, and we avoid unsightly ‘H’ joints.

Step 6: Installation Begins

With the racking complete, we begin the installation process. The installation method depends on the type of hardwood flooring and subfloor, with glue-down being a popular choice in Matsu.

Solid vs. Engineered Flooring:

We dispel misconceptions about engineered wood floors vs. solid hardwood. We recommend high-quality engineered flooring, which often features a 6mm wear layer, allowing for multiple sanding and refinishing cycles. Engineered flooring is more stable in temperature and humidity fluctuations and can be installed in areas where solid wood is not advised, such as moisture-prone spaces.

Environmental Considerations:

Our engineered hardwood flooring is eco-friendly, as it uses only a thin layer of solid wood (e.g., Maple, White Oak, European Oak, or Brazilian Cherry), allowing more flooring to be produced from the same tree. Plus, it keeps your floor height lower when installed over concrete.

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If you’re ready to enhance the aesthetics of your home with the timeless splendor of hardwood floors, don’t hesitate to contact Matsu Painters. As your trusted hardwood flooring specialist serving Eagleriver, Alaska, we are committed to excellence from start to finish. We are available to you whether you have inquiries, want an appointment, or want to talk about your project.

You can phone us or send us an email to get in connect with us. To meet your demands for hardwood flooring, our knowledgeable specialists are prepared to offer the ideal option.  Allow us to help you choose the ideal flooring for your house in Matsu, Alaska, and the surrounding region by offering color samples and guiding you through the process. Transform your space with confidence and precision – choose Matsu Painters today.